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Hanging around the most creative of people... Musicians, Artists, Photographers (Matthew Stone OMG).
Writing comes naturally to the
A M A Z I N G Karley Sciortino.
Contributing to many publications, such as Dazed & Confused & Vice, she has interviewed people you have only dreamed of speaking to. Courtney Love. Crystal Castles.
Her most amazing work is of course featured in her blog, where her writing is unique and totally unrestricted!

visit her blog:

Karley is also so SUPER nice. Kindly agreeing to an interview for my blog! (Excitement!)

Photo by Matthew Stone

Here it is! 5 questions with Karley:

I love your style. So underground London! Sorry for the stereotypical fashion blog question but can you ‘describe your personal style?’

I have basically been wearing slightly different variations of the same outfit for the past 5 years now: body conscious, tiny black dress, sometimes with the addition of lace/mesh. I have a body that doesn't look good in all styles of clothes--i.e. giant hips and boobs--but I find that this one style looks good on me so I've just sort of stuck with it! I also like DMs. I realized the other day that at the moment I only own 3 pairs of shoes, all of which are varying types of black DMs. Maybe I should branch out...?

Anybody that reads your blog, knows you write a lot about sex! Would you say that sex itself is in fashion a lot more now?

People have always said that fashion is all about sex. That makes sense to me. We want to look good in clothes so that other people will want to take them off! Although for me sex is always an easy reference, because I can relate most things back to it :) I don't know if sex is more fashionable now than it has been in the past. I mean it never really goes out of style, does it? People always want to hear/talk/read about sex, because it doesn't get boring. It's endless.

You seem to be surrounded by creative people! Who is your favorite artist? Photographer? Designer? Musician?

Hmm... this is hard. I really love Richard Prince, he's one of my favorite artists. I like him because his work is sexy but also funny, and he doesn't take himself too seriously. I got to be in an instillation of his at the Frieze Art Fair in 2007 where I wore a pink bikini and DMs and washed his 1970 orange Dodge Challenger for 5 days. It was extremely lolz / amazing.

I also love the artist, and my close friend Matthew Stone. His work is incredibly powerful and I think his photographs are some of the most epic/confusing/beautiful images I have ever seen. I also like Terry Richardson a lot, as obviously as that sounds. But come on, his pictures are just so fucking hot! I like Larry Clark's photographs as well, especially the ones of young boys with their cocks out.

As for designers I like, I'm not really sure. I mean I like Chanel but it's not like I own any of it. To be honest I don't own any designer clothes, but in an ideal world I'd have a wardrobe full of Chanel.

I was hardcore Weezer fan growing up. Like to the point of obsession. (I get obsessed easily, in case you haven’t caught on.) Now I love Animal Collective, the Pixies, the Velvet Underground. At the moment I have an immense crush on the half Asian dude from Health. Also I’m sorry but Hanson’s Middle of Nowhere is just a really good album. I’ve probably listened to it 500 times.

You live my dream life to be honest, contributing to a number of publications! One of my favorites being Dazed & Confused Magazine! What is the highlight of your career so far?

It’s hard to choose a highlight. If I’m honest it’s probably writing my blog. I enjoy journalism but it’s not my passion. It’s fun getting to interview people you admire—like I interviewed Courtney Love for Dazed, that was funny. Also I talked with John Hoppy Hopkins--a 60s photographer and the founder and editor of the super influential, 60s anarchist newspaper International Times—for Vice. That was amazing. But really the writing I most enjoy doing it more creative, with less rules.

Lastly, I know you probably get asked this a lot! But what was life like living in a squat? Amazing fun?

Oh god, I don’t even know anymore! It has its ups and downs, good things and bad things, just like any home. Although perhaps everything is just heightened, because of the extraordinary circumstances. But yes, I had amazing fun squatting. I hope to do it again soon! But I also think it’s not just about the squat itself; its about the people that living in a squat enables you to meet. Naturally, placing yourself an extreme or weird or subversive environment, you’re going to encounter people that fit into that lifestyle, and that state of mind. I have no time for boring people. Give me the mad ones!


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